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Earth Day 2000 is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that seeks to strengthen the spirit of Earth Day by helping people make choices in their everyday lives that protect the environment. Our aim: a cleaner and healthier planet for all global citizens to celebrate.

Thousands of people are finding the answers to these questions through, The Consumer Clearinghouse for the Environmental Decade. 

Earth Day 2000 keeps the original spirit of Earth Day alive, giving individuals the resources they need to make the vision of a cleaner, healthier planet for the 21st Century a reality. more

2001 "Don't Be Fooled" Report Released

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2000 Don't Be Fooled Awards

Featuring Coca-Cola, BP Amoco and eight others.

Earth Day 2000 and the State PIRGs are sponsoring a project called To find out how you can use your power as a consumer, investor or employee to change specific corporate practices on the environment, visit

Earthday 2000 is teaming up with a nationwide coalition to tell Campbell's and Kellogg's to test and label genetically engineered foods. Take action at

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